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NMMC Administers First COVID-19 Vaccinations

The North Mississippi Medical Center has began vaccinating its front-line workers for the novel coronavirus.

Thursday began the first day in which vaccines were administered. The first shipment arrived to the medical center on Tuesday.

Dr. Jeremy Blanchard estimated that 120-200 workers will be offered vaccination with the first batch of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Until adequate supplies of COVID-19 vaccine are available, all workers will not be asked to be vaccinated. Instead, a risk-based system will decide which workers will receive the soonest opportunity to be inoculated.

Tier 1: Those giving direct care to COVID+ patients (i.e. serve on the COVID unit)

Tier 2: Those who do not provide direct care on a daily basis to COVID+ patients but still have a potential for exposure (i.e. staff with brief direct encounters with patients)

Tier 3: Those who do not provide direct patient care but work in health care (i.e. staff in support roles serving in areas with no patient contact)

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